Airbnb + Tax-Free IRA's...

Only 25 11 Spots Remain For 3-Day BETA TESTER Access for $1

NO DOUBT ABOUT IT… one of the hottest trends in real estate today is using Airbnb to generate HUGE cash flows very, very quickly… sometimes, without even owning a property!

But it gets REALLY exciting when you mix Airbnb with the magic of tax-favored treatment through self-directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s, and that’s what the latest SDI – that’s self-directed investor – Wealth Guide is all about.

It’s called the SDI Wealth Guide to Building Income with Airbnb, and it’s a beginner-level introduction to using Airbnb as a way to monetize your real estate… even if you’ve never even considered it before!

In this special concise training will get you started on the road to enjoying the one thing that Airbnb “hosts” enjoy the most:  QUICK and SUBSTANTIAL cash flow!  This online video-based training covers these topics:

  • What is Airbnb?
  • 5 Things Investors LOVE about Airbnb
  • 3 Pitfalls with Airbnb Investing
  • Getting Started with Airbnb
  • 7 Steps to Picking GREAT Airbnb Properties, and
  • 3 Important Facts about Airbnb and retirement accounts

Additionally, you'll receive full access to all other SDI Wealth Guides currently published inside the SDI Wealth Guides Library, presently include the SDI Wealth Guides to:

  • Self-Directed IRA Fundamentals
  • What Can You Buy In A Self-Directed IRA?
  • What’s the Best Kind of Self-Directed Account For You?
  • What’s the Best Self-Directed Company For You?

And you get BETA TESTER access to all of that for 3 days for only $1… but I’m only going to allow 25 11 people to join in this manner, as the whole purpose is to get feedback on the Airbnb training.

So take this chance to learn how to build SUBSTANTIAL cash flow - and generate HUGE ROI's - by using Airbnb to monetize your real estate... even inside your self-directed IRA... click "Purchase Offer" right now!


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What is a Self-Directed Investor?

Much more than someone who merely uses a self-directed IRA or 401(k)... A self-directed investor has an inherent belief in the value of their own life experiences, opinions and intuitions, even when those things conflict with "conventional" wisdom.  If this sounds like you, enter your info below and I'll tell you more! -- Bryan Ellis, CEO